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If you need help for your Pet!

Warmly welcome to the small animal ordination Saint Johann/PG!

With us the satisfaction and the well-being of our patients is central. Whether dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, mouse or bird we have an open ear for all concerns. We offer competent medical consultation in connection with extensive diagnostics (X-ray, lab, excrement and urinary investigation etc.) as well as precaution investigations, vaccinations, material customer's proof. Our fields enclose boarders, surgery, orthopaedics, geriatrics, dermatology, dental treatment and a lot more.

Our motto: "If it to your darlings goes well we are happy"

Opening times:

Mon.  9:00-11:00 14:00-16:00

Tu  14:00-16:00

Wed. 17:00-19:00

Th  9:00-11:00 17:00-19:00

Fr  14:00-16:00


Emergencies and special appointments after tel. advance notification

Dr. Perterer

Kleintierordination St. Johann/Pongau

Hauptstrasse 55

5600 St Johann/PG


Tel.:       06412 / 6226

Mail:      s-perterer@gmx.at


Visit Rauris

Rauris Valley is one of the few continuously settled Tauern valleys and was for centuries regarded as a center of gold mining. As a consequence, Rauris Valley – along with Kolm Saigurnvalley head and Seidlwinkltal – is able to look back on a long and fascinating history.

Various finds show that the mountain routes across the Rauriser Tauern (Hochtor) were traveled even in earliest times. These include a massive gilded neck ring at the Maschlalm in Seidlwinkltal from the La Tène period ca. 400 B.C. A copy of this piece is on display at the Valley Museum in Rauris.


Settlement of the valley spread from south to north. Today’s town of Rauris was previously named after the Gaisbach, upon whose alluvial fan it was built, and was first chronicled back in the year 1120. The name “Gaisbach” itself probably originated with the fact that stream flowed into the main valley between steep, narrow rock faces where goats would graze (“Geiss” is a she-goat, “Bach” a stream). 
 In 1122, when Bishop Heinrich von Freising transferred two estates to his brother Count Friedrich von Peilstein, the name "Rurise" appears for the first time with reference to the entire valley .






Have a nice meal in “Landgasthaus Weixen”

We are a small family business - you find us

 in the last corner of the Seidlwinkeltales Seidlwinkel 114

We have opened except Monday from 09:00 o'clock to the last goes!

Warm kitchen from 11:30 o'clock till continuously 20:00 o'clock.                                                         There are desserts and cold dishes also later still!


The fishpond are opened except Monday from 09:00 o'clock to 17:00 o'clock (Mother's Day to Ruperti)!

Landgasthaus Weixen 
Fam. Brandstätter
Seidlwinkelstrasse 114
A-5661 Rauris
Tel.: 06544/64 37
Fax: 06544/64 37 - 4
e-mail: weixen@rauris.net 
Homepage: www.weixen.at

Maintained and well eat in the Landgasthaus Weixen

Our restaurant:

Rustic ambience, with stuffed home animals, old comfortably!!

The Winter Garden:

Invites with every weather for staying, with marvellous view in our magnificent mountain world. 

The terrace

Our terrace is very comfortable particularly in summer. They can watch your children with the play on the playground or simply take a break from every day. On special days the smell of the freshly brewed beer hits to you around the nose

The playground

So that also the parents can take it easy with us, we have made service with a playground for the small and a little bigger children against the boredom.


Our sandbox and the new bird's nest swing takes pleasure to big popularity in summer, just as the "pirate's castle" with 2 wall bars, the children's slide, the big standing seesaw and 3 swings. For the "architects" and bakers there is also a new big sandpit. So that the cake or the building holds, there is also water galore. Our cable railway brings swing into your play!


Petting Zoo & Co KG


For the animal friend and children is here a small Petting Zoo with our "fleecily" and "pinnate" stable, meadows, as well as water inhabitants.

We recommend also the HIGH ALPINE ROAD to Grossglockner




Thank you,see you soon